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Truck sleepers are compartments attached to rig trucks that vary in size and can be outfitted with beds, a bathroom and a kitchen area. A basic truck sleeper has enough space for a trucker to rest or sleep in during long travel times for deliveries.


For side sleepers, softer mattresses are recommended because they conform to the natural curvature of the body while lying on the side. This type of mattress also allows the sleeper's body to sink into the mattress without putting pressure on the shoulders and hips.


Sleeper sofas are essential when guests and small spaces collide; they transform a space and provide comfort. In 2014, Apartment Therapy claims that classic and modern sleeper sofa designs ruled with brands like Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, Blu Dot's and West Elms ...


A chair-and-a-half sleeper is a large armchair that also contains a small, folding mattress. These pieces of furniture function exactly like traditional sleeper sofas but are much smaller. Chair-and-a-half sleepers are smaller than love seats but larger than regular arm...


Sleeper chairs are generally heavy. Before moving a sleeper chair, it is important to have two strong people who can lift and maneuver the chair.


To wake a deep sleeper, find an alarm clock that engages multiple senses. Deep sleepers may be able to sleep through alarms that make a lot of noise, but engaging more than one sense makes it more likely that the sleeper wakes up.


Room & Board, IKEA, American Leather, Crate & Barrel, and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams all produce sleeper sofas that made the top 10 in Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2015. Other manufacturers with sleeper sofas in the top 10 include La Z Boy, Urban Outfitters, Blu D...