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As of 2015, some of the best-rated cruise lines include the Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises, according to TravelandLeisure.com. Cruises.com gives these lines four to five out of five stars, respectively, while Travel.USNews.com ranks them at o...


Use the UPS shipping rate calculator, known as the Calculate Time and Cost application, by entering the origin and destination of the package or freight along with the shipping date. Choose from the available shipping methods, then select additional features and enter t...


According to the USPS website, this form of shipping takes between one and three business days for the package to arrive at its destination. The length of time depends on the drop-off time, the package's point of origin and where it is being sent.


Prevent unwanted damage when shipping an Xbox by wrapping the system in a protective covering, such as bubble wrap, and finding a package that fits the system comfortably with minimal extra space. Seal the package then take it to a local postal service or parcel shipmen...


The US Military XL medical chest and the Loadmaster Military footlocker case by ECS Case are highly-rated military shipping containers. Each of these military shipping containers has at least a 3.5-star rating on Amazon.com.


Some of the highest rated laptops include the Apple MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook Air, Asus ROG and Dell Inspiron 17, according to PC Magazine in 2015. The Dell Inspiron 17 laptop is the most affordable, with a price of about $450; the Asus ROG is the most expensive at $2,...


The Ikea website has a shipping rate calculator that gives shipping estimates by ZIP code. The estimated cost factors in both the retail price of the items and their weight and volume.