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It can be sweet, semi-sweet, or dry. Red wine is considered healthy and good for your heart. However, drink in moderation or not at all! But first, let’s see how wine was discovered, and then some popular and recommended brands of semi-sweet red wine.


Classic Chianti, with wild cherry and dry leaf notes, for a modest price. Wines Under $15 2015 M. Chapoutier Les Vignes de Bila-Haut Rouge ($13) ... Best $15-and-Under Red Wines.


To help you find the best value bottles, we compiled a shortlist of widely-available dry red wines from around the globe. Here is VinePair’s list of 20 best wines under $20.


Wine Sweetness Chart. Some wines are so dry that they scrape the moisture from your tongue and make the inside of your mouth stick to your teeth. On the other end of the spectrum, some wines are so sweet that they stick to the sides of your glass like motor oil. NEW GRAPHIC: See more wines listed from dry to sweet.


(sham-peyn) A dry sparkling wine from Champagne France that is either brut (dry), demi-sec (half-dry) or doux (sweet). Champagne is made mainly from three grape varieties: Pinot Noir (a red variety), Pinot Meunier (a red variety related to Pinot Noir), and Chardonnay (a white variety). It pairs well with cream sauces, seafood, and almost any meal.


Photo: Getty Every time I embark on one of these 20 Under 20 projects, I’m amazed at how much good red wine is out there. And it’s getting better, and there’s more of it, all the time.


If a semi-dry red wine was produced very gently and it is made from the best grapes, then the taste can also convince later. By the way, the EU Wine Law stipulates that the red wine may only be called semi-dry if the sugar content is not more than 10 grams per liter above the acidity and does not exceed the maximum of 18 grams per liter.


Below 1% sweetness, wines are considered dry. Above 3% sweetness, wines taste “off-dry,” or semi-sweet. Wines above 5% sweetness are noticeably sweet! Dessert wines start at around 7–9% sweetness. By the way, 1% sweetness is equal to 10 g/L residual sugar (RS). 1% sweetness is a little less than 2 carbs per 5 oz serving (~150 ml)


Semi-Dry Red Wines Many red vinifera grapes grow very well in our region, especially varietals such as Blaufrankisch (Lemberger), Dornfelder, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir. Our semi-dry reds are great transitional wine for the wine lovers who are curious about dry wines.


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