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As a hairstylist, I've found that clients will shy away from relaxers if their hair has been over-processed or damaged from other sources like over-bleaching or coloring. The good news is, there are a few relaxers on the market that can be used on damaged hair; not only that, but they can even help to repair it.


Try repairing your hair, if possible, before adding chemicals to it. But, in case, you want to know the best relaxers for weak hair, you should keep reading. There are a few things you should know first if you’re going to relax the hair. The relaxer will work best if you treat your hair to some proteins for about a month or so in the beginning.


The Wella Wellastrate Straight Cream Intense is one of the best hair relaxers for caucasian hair, but is also one of the best relaxers for black hair! Wellastrate is a powerful, yet efficient and reliable straightener which thanks to its new cationic formula base, makes sure to keep the best structural balance as possible.


Learn how to choose the best relaxer strength for your specific hair type and texture to avoid breakage. ... How To Choose The Right Relaxer For Your Hair Type. ... you may be able to get your desired results with the mild formula without doing the degree of damage to your hair you may get from using the super formula. You want to start by ...


We all have different hair. Here are good relaxers for black women. Click here: http://bestandsmartchoice.com/best-relaxers-for-african-american-hair/


Whether you color your hair, heat style it or relax it, a deep conditioner can be a huge help in repairing damaged hair. The Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask was formulated for exactly that. The mask has B-vitamins to fight the damage caused by chemical processes and heat. ... Best for Relaxed Hair: ORS Hair Mayonnaise ...


Managing heat damaged or relaxer damaged hair. Find out how to deal with damage to the hair to nurse it back to health. Some would say that relaxed hair is damaged hair. This is not the case, relaxed hair has been chemically altered so cannot be treated the same way that natural hair is. ... 2012 In Review – The 50 Best Posts Of The Year! The ...


How to Have Beautiful Relaxed African American Hair. Read this article if you want long, thick, healthy Relaxed African American hair. You can achieve it easily following the instructions. Don't use the strongest relaxer every time you get...


RELAXERS & HOW TO MINIMISE THE RISK OF HAIR LOSS WHEN RETOUCHING (PART 1) ... (to help readers decide which is best for their hair and scalp) 3) ... worried that my hair would get worse if I change my relaxer because my hairdresser has warned me before that changing relaxers can damage the hair. Please I want to know if you changed relaxers ...


Purchase a relaxer that is gentle yet effective. These typically cost a bit more than normal relaxers, but they are the best option for damaged hair. Good choices include Phytospecific Phytorelaxer (use Index 1, which is for delicate hair), Elucence Gentle Relaxer and Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Relaxer.