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A PPO health insurance plan is a network insurance policy in which a covered person doesn't have to elect a primary care physician. Instead, members are able to use both in-network and out-of-network providers without a referral. However, benefits are greatest when an in-network provider is used for


PPO means preferred provider organization. It is an insurance plan or option that offers a reduced rate when the patient goes to a doctor or hospital that is in their network of preferred providers.


Guardian Dental PPO plans offer dental coverage with preferred network dentists and some dentists outside of the preferred network. As of 2015 dental patients receive an average savings of 32 percent on dental treatments with over 94,000 dentists around the country, claims The Guardian Life Insuranc


Preferred provider organization (PPO) health insurance generally has a large network of contracted doctors that a patient may select. Patients may also choose to see doctors outside of their network, but they pay a higher copayment for appointments with these doctors. Because preferred provider orga


An Aetna Preferred Provider Organization dental insurance plan offers the choice of any desired licensed dentist, has lower costs when selecting a PPO network-participating dentist, does not require a referral and does not have copays for office visits, states Aetna. Coinsurance applies, meaning tha


A preferred provider organization, or PPO, insurance network is a three-party group insurance structure. A person covered by a PPO plan has "network" insurance coverage from general and specialist medical providers. In-network providers agree to contracted service rates with insurance companies in e


Healthcare.gov claims that PPO insurance plans offer lower rates when covered individuals and families receive care from preferred providers. These plans include many different options depending on the company offering the plan. Some plans are available only to Medicare recipients. Providers within


Specific benefits included in Guardian PPO Dental Insurance differ somewhat between the various plans Guardian offers, but there are areas of coverage common among plans, including dental checkups, cleanings, crowns, root canals, fillings, x-rays, fluoride treatments and oral cancer screenings. Guar


Benefits of Cigna PPO dental insurance include access to a large national network of dentists, convenient payment and billing options, quality customer service and automatic claim submission, according to the Cigna website. Cigna members do not need to choose a primary dentist, and referrals are unn


Cigna Dental offers three preferred provider organization, or PPO, plans that provide coverage for preventative and basic care and major procedures using in- or out-of-network providers. Patients can select an in-network provider to save the most money, but they do not need a referral to see a speci