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Good places to sell jewelry include pawn shops, directly to other individuals and to jewelers. Where and how to sell personal jewelry depends on several factors, including the type of jewelry, its value and how quickly the money is needed.


Jewelry that contains real gold, diamonds and other precious stones, along with good-quality watches, can be sold in a pawn shop, at a jeweler, or online at sites such as Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay. Best practice is to first ascertain the value of the jewelry before selling the piece.


One place where individuals can sell their own jewelry is online. These individuals can sell through websites such as Etsy.com, which features thousands of merchants selling arts and crafts, as well as through the auction site eBay. Selling jewelry online has the advantage of the seller not having t


Gold jewelry can be sold to pawn shops, in online auctions, to local jewelry stores and to gold collectors. Where the gold is sold depends on the jewelry.


Some ways to sell jewelry for cash include selling at a pawn shop or to a local jewelry dealer. Gold parties are another option, especially for unique or high-end jewelry items.


One tip for buying jewelry is for the buyer to avoid prestige jeweler names whenever possible. The name of a popular jeweler on silver jewelry may cause the price to skyrocket, even though the buyer could purchase an equivalent piece of jewelry elsewhere for far cheaper. One tip for selling jewelry


In order to successfully sell homemade jewelry online, you must conduct research, evaluate and test the products and find the right market. With the right strategy, selling homemade jewelry online is simple and potentially lucrative.


Vintage jewelry may be sold online through companies such as eBay and Etsy or to local jewelry stores and pawn shops. It may also be sold for parts to gold buyers.


An ideal place to find a buyer for vehicle parts is a salvage yard. Find contact information for local salvage yards in phone directories or online. Vehicle owners with detailed information about a specific part and its condition may be able to get a price offer over the phone.


Zales and Kay are popular outlets that sell affordable jewelry. Their respective websites offer a list of sales and jewelry for sale at many price points.