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Selling in-person – Jewelers and pawnshops are two of the most common ways to sell your designer gemstone jewelry in-person. Though it can be convenient to sell your item locally, selling to someone like a jeweler will fetch a low price unless you sell on consignment.


When deciding to sell a gemstone online through a specialty website, check customer reviews. Does the company have a physical address? Is there a customer service phone number and do the customer service people know about jewelry? Can they answer your questions about selling your gemstones? Does the company have a Better Business Bureau (BBB ...


If you possess a set of precious loose gemstones, you can be both happy and perturbed. Happy because they can fetch you good money, and perturbed because if you sell at the wrong places, you can be ripped off! So, do your research beforehand and get your gems sold at a reasonable price. This CrystalBenefits article gives you some helpful tips on how to sell loose gemstones the right way.


Sell your precious gemstones to us for top dollar. We are ruby buyers, sapphire buyers, emerald buyers as well as buyers of your other investment rarities. Contact our gemstone buyers for top dollar offers and immediate cash in your pocket.


If a gemstone or piece of jewelry is of high quality, you might consider selling it through one of the larger auction houses. Have a look at the gorgeous, noteworthy pieces in Auction Report: Gemstones of Fall 2014. Sell it back; You could try selling it back to the person or jeweler who sold it to you.


I have a collection of gemstones which I would like to sell, but does anyone know which is the best place for this? I live in Denmark and there is not really a market for gemstones here, so I have to sell them abroad. But is there any retailers which will sell gemstones for private collectors, if they get a share of the profit? Best wishes Rene


reDollar.com is a great place to find out how much your gems are worth or if you plan to sell a gemstone. You can sell gemstones just as easy as 1-2-3. Very qualified appraisers, a high-tech lab, and amazing customer support will accompany you if you decide to sell your gemstones to our company.


Local jewelers frequently accept legitimate, non-commercial sources of loose gemstones at discounted prices. It is important to double check the legality of selling gems on certain websites due to regulations in the sale of diamonds and other gemstones as a result of illicit international production of these gems.


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Gem Rock Auctions is a fantastic marketplace that allows all types of people to sell their natural precious gemstones online direct to the public. Sell Gemstones Online There are many options for selling gemstones online, but Gem Rock Auctions is by far one of the best.