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A good time to visit and enjoy Florida is during the shoulder seasons. The shoulder seasons of Florida are between April and May, and between September and November.


Venice, Key West, Sarasota, and Delray Beach frequent the lists of top places to retire in Florida, according to the Huffington Post. The state has a warm climate year-round, which provides multiple options for those seeking to retire somewhere more temperate.


Until the age of 18, unmarried teenage residents of Florida do not have the legal right to move out of their parents' home unless they have parental consent or have obtained an act of emancipation from the Florida court system, as noted on the Florida Bar Organization website. Emancipation, when gra


Florida is one of the United States' most common retirement destinations because of its tax situation, its favorable climate and its lower cost of living compared to Northern states. Other factors that influence a retiree's decision to move to Florida include the abundance of recreational options av


Numerous zip line establishments operate across the state of Florida, including Cable Junction Adventure Park and Florida Zipline Adventures. Forever Florida also maintains a zip line park with a variety of riding options.


Some popular tourist attractions in Sarasota, Florida, include The Ringling, the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium and the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. The Ringling is a cultural complex affiliated with Florida State University, housing the Museum of Art, the Venetian-inspired Ca' d'Zan building, the Ci


Based on school district ratings, crime reports, the cost of housing, jobs available and nearby amenities as of 2015, some highly-rated areas to raise children in Florida include North Port, Venice, Winter Springs, Gulf Breeze and Fernandina Beach. Out of the state's 69 school districts, all of thes


The city of Parkland is the safety place to live in Florida, according to FBI statistics. In a state featuring some of the highest crime rates in the United States, Parkland ranks well below the national average in both violent and property crime.


The best cities in Florida for raising a family depend on the criteria used, but as of 2014, some of the top ones include Pembroke Pines, Cape Coral and Port St. Lucie. Some of the larger cities made the cut as well, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee and Orlando.


Thinking about relocating? Find the best new location for you and your family with this list of helpful resources. If you are looking for the absolute best place to move to and live in, then you're searching in the right place. You'll find here the most desirable places to move to next. These are th