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As of 2015, Major League Baseball consists of 30 pro teams. Fifteen teams compete in both the American League and National League, with the winner of each playing for the World Series.


Of all MLB records, Pete Rose's 4,256 career hits stand tallest. Rose's longevity — more than 3,500 games played — and consistency at the plate — have been matched by few others.


On May 24, 1935, Major League Baseball hosted its first official night game, which was played between the Cincinnati Reds and the Philadelphia Phillies in Cincinnati. Crosley Field had recently been fitted with electric lights, making that the perfect venue for an MLB night game. The home team ended


The number of beers in a pitcher depends on both the size of the pitcher and the size of the glass of beer being poured. Standard beer pitchers range from 48 to 60 fluid ounces, with some pitchers being as small as 32 fluid ounces.


Jack Chesbro, Ed Walsh, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, Joe McGinnity, Smoky Joe Wood, Pete Alexander, Cy Young, Jim Bagby, Jack Coombs, Lefty Grove, Denny McLain and Dizzy Dean are the 13 MLB pitchers who have won 30 games in a season as of 2014. McLain, the most recent 30-game winner, accomplis


For the 2014 campaign, the youngest player in the MLB is Dilson Herrera, according to STATS LLC. The 20-year old became the league's youngest when he made his late-season debut with the New York Mets.


A green pitcher plant is an endangered carnivorous plant with the Latin name Sarracenia oreophila. The pitcher plant possess unique pitcher-shaped leaves that easily catch unsuspecting prey. Pitcher plants are yellow to green in color and can grow as high as 30 inches.


The oldest active player in Major League Baseball, as of Sept. 2014, is Jason Giambi. He is 43 years old and plays for the Cleveland Indians.


Tom Cheney of the Washington Senators struck out 21 batters in a single game in 1962. Cheney struck out 13 through nine innings and finished with 21 in his 16-inning complete game, a 2-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.


Though some people have claimed to know or even be the man in the MLB logo, the reality is that the pictured figure is a complete fabrication. The Major League Baseball logo features the silhouette of an adult male holding a bat; the logo's designer, Jerry Dior, has said that the drawing was based o