You can get these high paying jobs without a degree. They have the highest median salaries of all occupations that don't require a bachelor's degree.


Apr 11, 2016 ... Not graduating from high school doesn't have to mean you'll be poor.


One of the highest paying jobs requiring only a GED, air traffic controllers are responsible for keeping the skies safe for travel. They typically work in control ...


Learn about the career fields where individuals with a GED will have strong ... to enter this career field with a high school diploma or equivalent in some cases.


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Executive assistant pay can be quite lucrative with CareerCast reporting an average ... All you need to make a career in this profession is a high school or GED ...


Nov 21, 2018 ... 7 Top Jobs For GED Graduates: Earn Six Figure Income Without A College ... decisions whether an applicant is financially fit to pay a loan back.