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In order to pan fry potato wedges, cut the potatoes into thin wedges, melt butter or margarine in a pan and cook the potatoes until they are brown. Large potatoes should be cut into eighths and peeled while smaller potatoes should be cut into quarters. Good potatoes to use include russet potatoes, w


Some recipes for hot potato fries include homemade crispy seasoned French fries and quick and easy home fries. To make seasoned French fries, peel and slice 2 1/2 pounds of russet potatoes into thin sticks, and set them in a bowl of cold water.


Easy recipes for oven fried potatoes can be found on FoodNetwork.com, AllRecipes.com and Food.com. Many variations of oven fried potato recipes can be found on the Food Network website using different herbs, spices and cheeses or cutting the potatoes into fries or wedges.


To prepare fried potatoes and onions, cut 3 white potatoes and 1 large sweet onion into thin slices. In a skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons of butter. Place potatoes and onions in the skillet, and cook for three minutes on medium high heat. Use a spatula to turn potatoes


Some of the best electric frying pan features include energy efficiency, waterproof treatment and large cooking surfaces to allow cooking for the entire family. These pans have the control master heat button that provides user safety.


Pan-fried salmon needs to cook about four minutes on one side until golden brown and then up to three minutes on the other side until the salmon skin feels crisp. This time is based on a medium-high flame under the skillet.


Some fried mashed potatoes recipes include mashed potato cakes from the Food Network's show "Sara's Secrets," Fried Mashed Potato Balls from Taste of Home and Parmesan Mashed Potato Pancakes from Martha Stewart. These recipes are a great ways to use up leftover mashed potatoes, suggests the Food Net


Make crispy sweet potato fries by cutting the potatoes into thin pieces, soaking them in cold water and tossing them in corn starch and oil. Bake the fries for 30 minutes on a foil-lined baking sheet. Turn the oven off, and let the fries cool slightly with the door ajar.


A simple recipe for pan-fried oysters is featured on MyRecipes.com and requires heating canola oil in a Dutch oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This recipe is for 1 quart of fresh oysters, which you should cover in a cracker crumb mixture before frying.


To make pan-fried trout, gut and clean the fish, season the insides and exterior, dredge the fish in flour, and fry the trout in butter and oil for 5 to 6 minutes on both sides. Cook until the skin is golden brown and the insides are moist and flaky.