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A good way to paint wood furniture is making sure that the surface of the furniture is relatively clean, even and free of cracks. If the surface has flaws, sand, fill and prime it before applying the fresh coat of paint.


To paint wood furniture, sand the wood surfaces using sandpaper, and apply spray primer before painting. You need spray primer, a paint brush, sandpaper, a damp cloth and paint to complete this task.


Latex or oil-based paints are good types of paint to use on wood furniture. Satin or semigloss finishes in either type of paint work best for furniture.


Oil-based paint is used to paint wooden furniture. Whether the furniture is old or new, it must be lightly sanded before painting begins. After the piece is sanded, a latex multipurpose primer must be applied to the wood.


Some ideas for painted furniture include painting the legs of an accent chair, converting a simple bench into a painted filing cabinet and painting a bed’s headboard in a more interesting design. A boring media cabinet can also be painted a fun color to add interest to a living space.


Several types of sandpaper, primer and oil- or water-based paint are needed to paint fake wooden furniture. A handheld sander is optional, but makes sanding the piece easier. Furnishings in the kitchen, such as cabinets, should be cleaned with a strong degreasing agent to ensure the paint adheres. T


To paint outdoor wood furniture, you need paint, primer, a good quality paintbrush, putty, sandpaper and a tack cloth. This job will take several hours, including drying time.


Oil-based paint should be used to cover finished solid wood furniture. To ensure an even and long-lasting paint job, the wood must be properly prepared.


Distressing improves the look of painted furniture by adding an antique look to an otherwise normal piece. It can both transform the piece and change the look of an entire room.


To clean wood furniture, dust regularly, avoid using all-purpose cleaners, and polish the furniture with paste wax. Dust the wood furniture on a regular basis to keep the furniture cdlean and reduce the deep cleaning that needs to be done. This removes dust deposits that could otherwise cause scratc