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The best paint for a wood floor is a latex enamel that has been formulated for floors, porches and decks. Preparing the floor for the paint is also important.


The types of paint good for wood include water-based acrylic, latex and enamel paints. For best results, the person should prepare the wood surface well before painting. Unlike other materials, wood is porous, and that makes the paint soak in slightly.


Some good colors for wood floors include natural, brown tones for a classic, rustic look or dark and black tones for a modern look. Natural brown colors include chestnut or walnut that are not stained. Stained, darker or black tones work well in chic, modern spaces, such as urban condominiums and ar


Care for hardwood floors by sweeping up dirt, mopping carefully, quickly removing excess moisture and removing marks. Take care to use only products approved for hardwood floors.


Hardwood floors can look warm and glossy or dull and grimy. To keep wooden floors looking their best, maintain them regularly, and use only appropriate cleaners on the surface.


Wood flooring can purchased from Lowe's and The Home Depot, as of 2015. Both retailers offer several brands and sizes of solid and manufactured wood flooring.


When installing wood flooring, the most important tips are to properly prepare the base, acclimate the wood to the normal temperature and humidity of the home, decide on the floor layout ahead of time, and use a flooring nailer tool for installation. Also, installing wood flooring is one of the last


Engineered wood flooring is real wood, with the advantage of plywood crisscrossed construction underneath for added strength and durability. The multiple layers involved are pressed together and heat-bonded, giving engineered hardwood much greater resistance to the effects of humidity than conventio


To stain wood floors, choose a stain color, test it on a section of the floor, remove the furniture, sand the floor, and sweep up the sawdust. Apply the stain and polyurethane, allowing ample drying time between applications. This process takes a day to complete. You need wood stain, polyurethane, a


Thoroughly clean and smooth a concrete floor before applying paint. Make sure no water is seeping into the concrete, and use appropriate painting materials. Begin by sweeping the concrete floor, then sponging or mopping with soap or degreasing solution. Allow the floor to dry completely, usually sev