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Applying chemical paint stripper, sanding and applying heat are some good methods for removing paint from woodwork, notes Ace Hardware. Chemical stripper is usually the fastest, easiest way to remove old paint.


The Family Handyman notes that there are several important tips for exterior painting. These steps primarily concern the tools, techniques and strategies required before starting.


Good exterior paint colors include: light gray walls with white trim and red accents, such as shutters and doors; a velvet brown scheme with dark brown walls and light green trim; a coastal theme with white or off-white walls and light blue trim; or a natural and harmonious look with virtually ident


Popular Woodworking Magazine holds the Woodworking in America conference each year and posts the information on its website. TheWoodworkingShows.com has a calendar online of its shows around the country. Information about the annual trade show of The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Supplier


The best exterior house paint would be a water-based one, also known as latex-based. Research shows that this expands and allows water vapor, produced from inside the house, to escape.


Painting windowsills and wood door frames with hydrophobic paint protects the surface from ultraviolet rays and moisture. Water-based paints are more environmentally friendly than oil paints. Choosing a paint that is resistant to microorganisms prevents mold and mildew growth.


High-quality water-based paint is generally the best exterior paint to use on wood, according to The Home Depot. However, there are some circumstances where it may be better to use an oil-based paint, such as on different wood types.


Easy woodworking projects include cutting boards, birdhouses or a box, notes A Beautiful Mess, Start Woodworking and Birds & Blooms. These projects can be completed by beginners with basic woodworking tools.


Popular exterior paint colors vary by region and depend on homeowners' personal preferences. Overall popular trends include painting the house in a subtle solid color and using one or two brighter accent colors on shutters, window frames and doors.


Using exterior paint on indoor surfaces can be a dangerous alternative due to the high concentration of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. The recipe used to make exterior paint is different than that of interior paint, and the former gives off much harsher fumes.