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Water-based acrylic paints, such as Sherwin-Williams Duration and Behr Premium Plus Ultra, are good for most outdoor wood, states ConsumerSearch.com. Oil-based paints are best used for sappy woods, such as tannin or sap, because they have better adhesion and stain blocking qualities.


To paint outdoor wood furniture, you need paint, primer, a good quality paintbrush, putty, sandpaper and a tack cloth. This job will take several hours, including drying time.


Some tips for building outdoor wooden steps include using precut stringers, measuring the opening's width and the height of the steps, and using an anchor board for support for the stringers. It's a good idea to use pressure-treated pine and leave the wood to dry completely before adding an exterior


The types of paint good for wood include water-based acrylic, latex and enamel paints. For best results, the person should prepare the wood surface well before painting. Unlike other materials, wood is porous, and that makes the paint soak in slightly.


To get paint off of wood, apply a chemical stripper, and scrape off the paint after it has softened. For areas with layers of paint, you may need to apply the remover and scrape it off several times. Be sure to follow all safety precautions.


Sherwin Williams and Behr are highly rated exterior paint brands, according to Consumer Search. Benjamin Moore also offers quality exterior paint, according to J.D. Power.


Acrylic or oil-based paints are good for painting outdoor concrete walls, while epoxy resin paint is good for concrete floors, patios, sidewalks and driveways. Elastomeric wall paint that is used for bricks or masonry can also be used on concrete.


Reflective outdoor paint is applicable on signs, bicycles, helmets, mailboxes, driveways, curbs, barriers and address numbers. The paint reflects a car’s headlights with bright, white light to protect individuals and property against poor nighttime visibility.


Neutral colors such as white, grey, beige, taupe and browns are good choices for painting concrete exteriors. Colors such as blue, cream, yellow and shades of green are also popular.


To remove paint from wood, apply an infrared paint stripper, scrape off the paint, apply lacquer thinner, sand the wood, and wash it. This one-hour process requires gloves, a particle mask, an infrared paint stripper, lacquer thinner, rags, a scraper, a power washer and a multi-tool with a sanding a