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Some universities that offer free online course include Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford and Yale. These prestigious colleges offer courses to anyone with an Internet connection.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University offer free online courses through the website they founded, edX. Another website that offers free courses is Coursera, which has courses from universities, such as the University of Chicago, University of California at Irvine, University o


An online university, or online college, is an institute of higher learning that provides classes online rather than, or in addition to, a physical location. These institutions generally offer degrees and/or certificates and are often accredited by the same bodies that offer accreditation to traditi


As of 2015, American University's list of online classes includes courses in microeconomic theory, global security, nutrition epidemiology and research methods, and speaking and research for strategic communication. The university's online degree programs include an M.A. in Economics, an M.A. in Int


Some of the best English online courses include Englishtown, Livemocha and ESO, or English Study Online. Each of these websites allows users to learn English through live tutors and one-on-one instruction as well as published materials.


As of 2015, some Stanford University courses offered online include International Women's Health and Human Rights, Statistics in Medicine, Principles of Economics, Writing for the Sciences, Computer Science 101, Introduction to Chemical Engineering and Adventures in Writing, notes Stanford.edu. Thes


Students can take Yale University online courses for credit. Yale faculty develops and leads the online classes, providing the participants the opportunity to extensively interact with peers.


Several Canadian universities have online courses and degree opportunities, including McGill University, The University of Frederiction and University of Manitoba. While McGill University's focus is on its on-campus courses, the school offers several online programs, whereas The University of Freder


Online courses offered by Purdue University include foundations of educational technology, introduction to learning systems design, instructional development practicum, advanced practices in learning systems design, and educational applications of hypermedia. Purdue University offers online courses


As of June 2015, The University of Cambridge offers online courses through its Institute of Continuing Education. They are open to anyone who is interested in the topic and are short, intensive 6-week courses. Students who complete the course receive a Certificate of Participation.