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According to Salonfree, pick the strength of peroxide that provides the right amount of lift to mix with hair color. The hair color manufacturer provides information on the packaging that explains what level of peroxide is needed and how to use it.


The only hair color peroxide is able to remove is washable hair color that bonds to hair too long. Permanent hair color cannot be removed and is only lightened by the use of peroxide.


The best peroxide volume for coloring hair depends on the difference between the natural hair shade and the dye, but volumes between 20 and 40 are considered standard. For gray hair, volumes of 10 or less are used because the hair is more brittle.


To bleach hair with peroxide, pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, mist the hair with it, spend time in the sun, rinse the hair, and apply conditioner. This one-hour process requires hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, a mirror, water, conditioner and a comb.


The time that a person should leave peroxide in their hair when trying to lighten the color will range from five minutes to one hour. The time will vary based on how drastic a person wants the color of their hair to change.


Hair can be highlighted with a hydrogen peroxide and water solution. The solution can be applied all over the head or just in targeted areas to create highlights.


To dye your hair slowly with hydrogen peroxide, mix equal parts of peroxide and water in a spray bottle, and spray your hair with the mix every morning until the desired lightness is achieved. To dye your hair all at once, mix equal parts of peroxide and conditioner, apply the mixture throughout you


Hair can be dyed with peroxide. Hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient. Using peroxide to dye the hair should make it two shades lighter than the natural hair color.


Peroxide can be used in combination with a bleaching agent to lighten hair until it turns white according to Clairol. Although it may be best to go to a professional hair stylist, it can be done at home using a bleaching kit.


Hydrogen peroxide lightens, or bleaches, human hair. People with blonde hair typically use it to lighten their locks, particularly in the winter months when there isn't a lot of sun.