Garnier Olia is a permanent hair color that has many positive reviews and comes in multiple red shades. It is available in light, medium and dark garnet red. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

According to How Stuff Works, semi-permanent hair dye works by having molecules of color adhere to the hair; some molecules may penetrate the hair cuticle. A little color is removed every time the hair is shampooed. Air ... More »

Hair dye can only be removed with bleach, so to remove permanent hair dye, apply a soap cap. If necessary, tone and re-color the hair. Removing permanent hair dye takes roughly 45 minutes plus re-coloring time and requir... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Bleaching or soap caps are the only methods for completely removing permanent hair color. It's possible to remove henna and semi-permanent tints with other materials, such as oils, vitamin C and lemon juice. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Schwarzkopf 5-3 light-matte-brown, permanent hair color requires a color/developer ration of 1:1 by volume. There are four levels of Igora Royal developer for use depending on the level of color desired, with percentages... More »

Dying hair a natural or unnatural color works best after bleaching it according to Clairol. For the healthiest results, avoid using permanent dyes, as they can further damage the hair. The most common dyes used after ble... More »

To make hair dye, prepare ingredients according to the target color, and make an infusion out of herbs. Remove the herbs from the infusion, pour it into a spray bottle, and add a few drops of sweet almond oil to the mixt... More »