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According to Bob Lowry, the key to retirement speeches is brevity, practice and audience awareness. Lowry cautions that while it is important to discuss career life from beginning to end, the speech should contain highlights and not cover every moment.


When making a retirement speech, share some memories about things that happened on the job, bring up some achievements and discuss plans for the future. The speech should be short and relatable to everybody in the audience.


To write a retirement speech, the writer needs to consider the audience, make a concise statement and emphasize professional accomplishments. These three factors ensure that the retirement speech is prepared properly and articulated with confidence.


A good retirement speech should contain a vote of thanks to designated parties. It should also mention how long the retiree has worked for the company and include a brief review of the positions held over the years. The speaker can conclude with reminiscing about some old memories.


Find-the-Words, Fond-Farewell and Occasional Words offer examples of retirement speeches. Find-the-Words and Occasional Words also provide options for customizing the example speeches, while Fond-Farewell gives a basic outline for writing a retirement speech.


Websites, such as Write Out Loud, Occasional Words and Presentation, offer sample retirement speeches for different careers. A retirement speech starts with welcoming the guests and thanking the hosts, a few memories from work, appreciation for team efforts and recognition of especially helpful co-w


The two United States-operated military retirement homes are in the Gulfport Campus in Mississippi and in the Washington Campus in Washington, D.C. Retired Armed Forces' officers may also retire at special state-operated veteran retirement homes.


Make a speech at a teacher's retirement party that shows gratitude for years of service while incorporating personal stories and anecdotes from teaching in the same school. Make it concise to offer others the opportunity to share their favorite memories of the guest of honor.


Military retirement pay is offered to veterans who serve a minimum of 20 years, and it is calculated by multiplying a retired pay base by one of several percentage multipliers, according to Militarypay.Defense.gov. There are four basic retirement plans, each offering a specific percentage multiplier


To calculate military retirement pay, consider tenure, then apply the retired pay base and retired pay multiplier to arrive at the total compensation package. Whether an individual was involved in active duty impacts how his years of tenure are calculated.