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I would actually evolve it either right away or at level 26. Another option is to never evolve it. The only move that is worth teaching it is Thunderbolt. This can be taught to Raichu using the move relearner. Or even by TM if you want. However, if you don't want either of these, you can have Pikachu evolve after learning Thunderbolt. The other ...


My Pikachu is at level 39. I ask because I want to know if he learns any other (new) moves and does Raichu say "Raichu Rai" or is it his static cry from prevs generations? Edit: By "new" I mean new exclusive moves to X and Y, not his basic moveset before evolving into Raichu.


Dont evolve pikachu, Raichu sucks. JK If you want a Raichu badly then ASAP. Otherwise, wait until level 48-52.


It depends entirely on your needs. If you have a light ball, you may simply prefer that Pikachu never evolve since the light ball makes Pikachu more powerful than Raichu (albeit slower and with lower defenses). For many people, the decision com...


Pikachu doesn't learn Thunderbolt in Red/Blue It learns Thunder at level 43 Rest of the moves aren't really worth mentioning so honestly evolve it whenever in R/B.


I would suggest evolving Pikachu at level 33 or higher to gain Agility. At level 41 it learns Thunder and Light Screen at level 50, but both moves are available via TM if you want them. Growlithe should Evolve at level 43 or higher. That way it will be able to learn all valuable moves except Flamethrower, which is available at the Celadon Game Corner. ...


My Pikachu is Level 40 now (yeah, I put in a heap of dedication to this thing. xD) and I celebrate whenever it grows another level, since it's really quite terrible. xD. I have a Thunderstone and I'm ready to evolve it whenever I need to, but when should I evolve it exactly, if I should evolve it?


There is only one sure-fire way to evolve a pikachu into raichu. The way to do it is by using a thunderstone on Pikachu. If you breed pikachu while it is holding a light ball, you can even get a ...


When I played LeafGreen, I decided not to evolve Pikachu until it absolutely needed the power boost. Which for me was right before the Elite Four, must've been around 45- to 50-ish in level. Share


Pikachu does not actually have a set level for evolving into Raichu. Pikachu evolves when the player uses a Thunder Stone on it. This can be done at any level. Thunder Stones are semi-rare stones that come in all elements and are used to evolve specific Pokémon. A Thunder Stone can be found in several places throughout all of the "Pokémon" games.