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The best conditioner for brittle hair is one rich in protein. Protein helps repair the hair's structure and strengthen the strands. It also works as a temporary sealant for hair so the split ends bond back together.


Leaving conditioner in the hair overnight is okay if the hair needs a deep moisturising conditioning, but use an organic conditioner. However, there are hair masks available that will give better results in 20 or 30 minutes. They are more expensive but can work well.


The top-rated shampoo and conditioner for thin or fine hair is Nexxus Diametress Luscious Volumizing Shampoo, according to Total Beauty. Good Housekeeping rates this shampoo best for thickening hair. Top picks from About.com include Neutrogena Anti-residue, Suave Daily ...


The dry mode of an air conditioner removes excess humidity from a room without providing additional cooling, states LG, a manufacturer of digital appliances. After the room temperature reaches the set level, the circulation fan and the compressor turn off, and only the ...


Cantu and Motions both produce conditioners that are suitable for Dominican hair, or hair that is naturally curly. The conditioners contain ingredients such as coconut oil, honey and shea butter, which reduce damage that occurs from using heated hairstyling tools.


Dry hair is caused by the overuse of styling products and environmental exposure. Habits such as excessive shampooing can rid the hair of elements that keep it nourished. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can also affect the hair's health and can cause the hair t...


The best brands of air conditioners are Hitachi, LG, Carrier and Samsung, according to a 2013 review by Before Its News. Listcrux affirms the dominance and staying power of these four brands by listing them in their top 10 air conditioner brands in the world for 2014.