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You see, floor manufacturers recommend avoiding polish and wax. Either one can leave the laminate looking dull and streaked. The best way to make this type of flooring shiny is to mop it with one of the best laminate floor cleaners.And you can buff it with a microfiber cloth, too.


The High Gloss Hardwood Floor Polish has a slightly lower sheen than the Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Polish and the Low Gloss Hardwood Floor Polish will put a matte or satin sheen on your floor. Always refer to the instructions before using the Polish and be sure to do a test area before coating the entire floor.


Unlike wood floors, you cannot wax it, and using any type of soap-based product will actually make the floors duller. A good cleaning and a product specifically meant for laminate floors will make ...


Never wax or polish the floor. Laminate floor is designed to be shiny, so you never have to wax or polish it. In fact, these substances can damage and dull the floor rather than making it shine. To keep the floor shiny, mop it regularly with a laminate-formulated cleaner.


Your laminate floors come with a built-in shine. These no-wax floors, however, do not hold that shine forever. Normal foot traffic eventually will dull the floor. You, however, can keep your floors looking like new. The cure is to polish the floor by applying a liquid floor finish. If you want to make the floor truly ...


The ZEP 32 oz. Hardwood and Laminate Floor Refinisher revitalizes the look of finished hardwood floors for a long-lasting shine. The polyurethane finish fills in scratches and dries in 30-minutes leaving a clear coat finish. This refinisher does not require rinsing and covers 650 sq. ft.


Routine Laminate Floor Cleaning & Care. Clean your laminate floor using a microfiber or terry cloth mop and Armstrong Flooring Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. For best results, spray cleaner directly onto the bottom of the mop cover. Sweep or vacuum regularly using the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner.


The best hardwood floor polish is made up of a urethane acrylic material that works with all types of hardwood floors.


It’s easy to do with a floor polishing machine aimed at handling problems on almost any floor types. Applying a finish, stripping wax, loosening carpet dirt, polishing hardwood floors – all this becomes possible with this machine. We have chosen 5 best floor polisher machines to help you make your pick.


Laminate floors cannot be waxed, and homeowners should never use cleaning products made with wax on these floors. Because laminate floors do not have a wood surface, wax can damage the finish of the floor. In addition to the potential for damage, wax- and oil-based cleaners leave unattractive films on the surface of laminate floors.