Homemade fruit fly traps are designed to attract fruit flies, so it might appear at first as if they are bringing more fruit flies into a home. However, the traps are actually attracting flies that are already in the hom... More »

To make a fruit fly trap, place a piece of fruit in the bottom of a glass or jar, and tape a paper funnel securely into its opening. This method attracts flies and prohibits them from escaping easily, according to Apartm... More »

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Recipes for homemade fly traps include a substance to attract the flies and a container to trap the flies. One recipe calls for cutting an empty 2-liter soda bottle in half. Food that has begun spoiling is placed into th... More »

To get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen, throw out any old or overripe fruit in the kitchen or pantry, clean out the sink drain and purchase or make fruit fly traps to contain and kill the remaining flies. Fruit flies a... More »

To get rid of fruit flies in your home, first discard any rotting fruit or vegetables. Take out the trash, and remove any damp or moist items where fruit flies can lay their eggs, such as sponges and mops. Finally, trap ... More »

To repel flies, install fly traps and baits around the home, prevent the build-up of garbage or insect food sources and use sprays or misting systems. Since flies are attracted to food sources, eliminating attractants is... More »

To keep flies off of dogs, dispose of fecal matter in the dog's environment, install fly traps or other preventative products around the home and ask a veterinarian about pest control products. Flies are common in rural ... More »

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