Red hair, like other hair colors, is versatile; however, stylists have been pushing redheads towards the strawberry blonde and caramel highlights for their natural yet popping aesthetic. Brown highlights and other lowlig... More »

Caramel is a flattering highlight color for dark brown hair. These highlights add a subtle and natural look. By using a shade that is similar to the dark brown color, both shades blend seamlessly. More »

To fix bad hair highlights, a person must go see a professional hair colorist and get lowlights put into the hair. Lowlights are the best way to combat bad hair highlights because they work to create a more natural look ... More »

Returning to blonde is a lengthy process that involves removing as much of the red dye as possible, bleaching the hair and using toner to obtain a neutral blonde shade. The process usually cannot be completed in one salo... More »

Hair can be changed from red to blonde by using a highlighting bleach method while being sure that it is not too orange by applying a toner with a blue or ash base. This can be achieved on salon-dyed red hair. More »

Dyeing red hair to blond requires bleaching the hair and toning out the brassiness. The process takes up to two hours and requires hair bleach, shampoo, conditioner, a color bowl, a color brush, gloves and a semi-permane... More »

Lowlights, or strands of darker hair, are appropriate for blonds, brunettes and redheads. Lowlights add depth to the hair color and make hair appear thicker or more textured. Lowlights can consist of thin, medium or thic... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color