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Red hair, like other hair colors, is versatile; however, stylists have been pushing redheads towards the strawberry blonde and caramel highlights for their natural yet popping aesthetic. Brown highlights and other lowlights are still possible with red hair, although the...


One can highlight hair naturally with some simple ingredients, such as honey, vinegar, lemon juice, chamomile tea and beer. Although these home remedies can help lighten hair, the effect is subtle.


To highlight your hair at home, select the kit, prepare the hair and conduct a patch test. Paint the highlights onto the hair, getting thinner as you move away from the face, and process. Follow with deep conditioner and color gloss.


Highlighting black hair requires a streaking cap, a color chart, a highlighting formula, a bowl and an application brush. Bleach powder and 20 volume developer is a substitute for highlighting formula or boxed dyes.


Caramel is a flattering highlight color for dark brown hair. These highlights add a subtle and natural look. By using a shade that is similar to the dark brown color, both shades blend seamlessly.


To fix bad hair highlights, a person must go see a professional hair colorist and get lowlights put into the hair. Lowlights are the best way to combat bad hair highlights because they work to create a more natural look while removing the stark contrast that can be seen...


To highlight gray hair, make sure it is in good condition, then use a vegetable dye or semipermanent glaze to add the color. These dyes will stain the hair follicles.