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High-gloss paint can be painted over by sanding it down first. A coat of primer will also help the new paint stick.


Gloss paint is a type of paint that dries to a shiny surface and is very durable and easy to clean. Gloss paint is available in both oil-based paint and latex paint.


The dry time for high-gloss paint varies depending on whether the paint is oil-based or latex-based and the thickness of the coat. Dry times range from 1 to 36 hours.


To remove gloss paint, scrape the paint with a putty knife and paint scraper, and apply commercial stripper. Allow the paint stripper to dry, and scrape off the remaining paint. Repeat the process until all of the paint is removed.


To finish a hardwood floor, remove the old finish, fill in gouges and choose a finish. Apply the sealer, buff the floor, and add the finish. You need a floor sander, an edge sander, sandpaper and wood putty. Obtain a putty knife, sealer, steel wool, a vacuum and a finis...


To make lip gloss, mix a teaspoon of petroleum jelly with a little blush for color, some mineral eye shadow for shimmer and a drop of essential oil for flavor. Store in a small tub or an empty lip gloss container.


Some good polyurethane floor finishes are Dura-Seal's Quick-Dry sealer, Basic Coatings' Emulsion and ZAR Ultra Max. Polyurethane floor finishes are divided into oil and water-based polyurethane finishes. Dura-Seal's Quick-Dry sealer is an oil-based finish, while the Emu...