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Dip a mop into a bucket of hot water then the bucket of wax. Mop 6 to 9 feet of flooring at one time. Allow the wax to dry until no longer tacky to the touch. Apply a second coat of wax, buffing before and after if desired.


Armstrong Once ‘n Done Resilient & Ceramic Floor Cleaner and Pledge Multi-Surface Squirt 'n' Mop are good vinyl floor cleaners. Effective homemade options include diluted apple cider vinegar and a mixture of vinegar and dish soap, according to SF Gate.


Removing old floor wax is a process that can be completed in a variable amount of time depending on the amount of wax and the severity of the build-up. In order to remove floor wax from your floors, use ammonia. You will need a bottle of ammonia, laundry detergent, warm...


Common problems with vinyl flooring include emission of volatile organic compounds, difficult installation process and vulnerability to damage when moving furniture. Scientists have also associated vinyl flooring with the occurrence of autism in children.


Future is a brand of floor wax formerly made by Johnson & Johnson. It has been discontinued as an individual product but partially lives on as an additive in Pledge floor finish.


Lay vinyl sheet flooring by removing baseboards, trim or caulk, and then applying vinyl adhesive before laying the sheet across the floor. Use a floor roller on top of the vinyl to smooth out imperfections, and then replace the baseboard and trim, or caulk.


Vinyl floors turn yellow for a multitude of reasons, among which are age, exposure to extremely hot water and the application of ammonia- or solvent-based cleaners. Linoleum, which is made from cork, wood dust, pigments, linseed oil and resins, is easily damaged.