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Family law attorneys handle cases ranging from adoption and foster care to domestic violence and child abuse, explains FindLaw. They also help in cases of divorce, paternity, reproductive rights, emancipation and domestic partnerships.


A power of attorney gives one party the authority to act on behalf of another as his agent and can make legal and life decisions on their behalf according to the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School. Power of attorney can take effect immediately or on a future date associated


An elder law attorney specializes in legal matters that affect older or disabled people. The majority of his work includes planning long-term care, health care issues, guardianship and retirement, according to FindLaw.


Websites that allow users to find attorneys who specialize in family inheritance include Lawyers.com and Nolo. Lawyers.com allows users to search by state, while Nolo offers the option to search by type of practice.


Family law addresses the rules, regulations and court processes involving the family unit, according to an article on FindLaw. As such, family law deals with marriage, divorce, property obligations, paternity, and child custody and support. It also handles adoption, guardianship, domestic partnershi


The attorney general for the state of Florida is Pam Bondi, as of December 2015, and her office is located at 107 West Gaines Street in Tallahassee, Florida. The office is on the first floor of the Collins Building.


All states have laws that specifically state a power of attorney expires on the death of the principal, according to LegalZoom. A power of attorney expires under certain circumstances, including death.


While information available on attorneys may vary from state to state, generally an attorney's bar number is public information. A state bar association's website allows people to search for attorneys by name, providing the bar number as part of the results, as the Florida Bar explains.


A medical power of attorney is a document providing instructions for medical care in case a patient becomes too ill to speak. According to the American Bar Association, an agent who has been given medical power of attorney for a patient has the right to make his health care decisions.


A civil lawyer works on behalf of individuals and other entities in resolving noncriminal legal issues, according to the Houston Chronicle. Examples of noncriminal legal issues include divorce disputes and child custody disputes.