Proper cleaning and storage of false eyelashes helps prevent bacterial infection and eye irritation. Maintaining the lashes also allows them to retain their original shape and texture for longer periods of time. To clean... More »

To put on false eyelashes, trim the false lashes to the length of your lash line, and stick them on your lash line using lash glue. Apply mascara to lock the real and fake lashes together. You need scissors, lash glue, t... More »

To remove false eyelashes, gently pull them off, starting at the outer corners. If the eyelashes are firmly glued, use some steam or olive oil to loosen the glue. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

To remove false eyelashes safely and painlessly, eye makeup remover and cotton swabs can be used to unglue and clean the lashes before you perform the actual removal with tweezers. Oils, water and tissues are also necess... More »

To remove individual false eyelashes, place a tissue beneath the lash line and apply adhesive remover to the false lashes with an angled brush, then use the brush to gently remove the lashes. The supplies required for th... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyelashes

According to Madame Madeline, Ardell lashes are false eyelashes made from sterilized 100% human hair. The Ardell lashes are reusable, sturdy strip eyelashes that are easy to apply. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyelashes

To apply false eyelashes, make sure the eyelash is the correct length, bend it into a C-shape and apply adhesive to the base of the false eyelash before attaching to your natural lash. You will need false eyelashes, qual... More »