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The Best Eyeliners. No matter the style, the best eyeliner should be easy to apply and richly pigmented, all while holding up through humid summer days, sudden rainstorms, and emotionally devastating moments of the latest Pixar movie.


Hate it the most when the color around the eyes go out of line making you look like a stray cat or that you’ve been crying all night. So, here are 10 best smudge-free and long-lasting eyeliner pencils for you that won’t get ruined even if the mercury goes up.


The best Gel Eyeliners are preferred over liquid eyeliners by many women as they are easy to use and longer lasting. The best gel eyeliners glide on smoothly and do not smudge or smear.They are available in small pots and often come with brushes. Many of the best cream eyeliners are waterproof and can be […]


A waterproof eyeliner is the best when in comes to an eyeliner that doesn't smudge. Right? Well, not exactly! A simple waterproof eyeliner may surely protect the eyes from water and save you from ruining your entire eye makeup too. But, you need to make sure that it also repels the sweat and moisture which is present around the eyes.


5 Eyeliner Pencils That Won't Smudge. Based on 467,117 Influenster Reviews. Stock your beauty bag with only the best. When it comes to eyeliner, you want an option that lasts and is totally smudge-proof. Lucky for you, our Influenster community has reviewed their favorite eyeliner pencils that simply won't budge! See which they say are the best.


27 Eyeliners That Won't Smear — No Matter What. Us. ... The Definitive Guide To The Best Eyeliner Of 2018. ... Long Lasting Eyeliners - Best Liners No Smudge.


When you catch a conversation about eyeliner, it’s often exclusively about how precise of a line you can create or how sharp a cat eye can be—but not every eyeliner look has to be so harsh. If you’re after a softer effect, it’s not a problem. In fact, you won’t believe how easy it is to soften your makeup.All you need to do is smudge out your eyeliner.


The Blendable Black Eyeliner. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Eyeliner in Perversion. Perversion is an all-in-one pencil that delivers a soft, pliable feel for just about any look (read: a simple line, wing or edgy crease definition). It’s perfect for every kind of makeup junkie, whether you’re an eyeliner rookie or cat-eye expert.


10 Best Long-Wear Eyeliners ... ideal if you're going for a smoky eye look. It did smudge under my eyes after a while, which forced me to clean them up a bit toward the end of the day. ... (It was a con for me, since I prefer a smudged, not-so-precise look.) But it has amazing staying power and doesn't smear -- at all. It definitely lives up to ...


The best waterproof eyeliner boasts a precision tip and a long-wear formula that won’t smudge, budge or run even when you pop out of the pool. ... Whichever way you decide to go in your quest ...