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Interior latex paint is used exclusively for indoor applications, while exterior latex paint is used solely for outdoor applications. Interior and exterior latex paint have different chemical properties, but they do not differ all that much.


The best exterior house paint would be a water-based one, also known as latex-based. Research shows that this expands and allows water vapor, produced from inside the house, to escape.


Painting windowsills and wood door frames with hydrophobic paint protects the surface from ultraviolet rays and moisture. Water-based paints are more environmentally friendly than oil paints. Choosing a paint that is resistant to microorganisms prevents mold and mildew growth.


Warm beige and white are classic colors for painting the exterior of a home, according to Better Homes and Gardens. However, any color combination using colors in the same color palette can look good.


Latex paints in unopened containers that are well sealed can last up to a decade and a half. On the other hand, latex paints that have been opened can stay without spoiling for two years.


The Family Handyman notes that there are several important tips for exterior painting. These steps primarily concern the tools, techniques and strategies required before starting.


Good exterior paint colors include: light gray walls with white trim and red accents, such as shutters and doors; a velvet brown scheme with dark brown walls and light green trim; a coastal theme with white or off-white walls and light blue trim; or a natural and harmonious look with virtually ident


Although paint cans are not labeled with expiration dates, it is possible for latex paint to go bad. Fortunately, it is easy to tell when this happens, since the paint produces a strong and unpleasant odor.


Remove latex paint from clothes by blotting excess paint away, rinsing the garment from the back, tapping the paint with a sponge moistened with dishwashing detergent, and rinsing the garment. You must dab and rinse the spot repeatedly until you eliminate any remaining traces. The amount of time req


Popular exterior paint colors vary by region and depend on homeowners' personal preferences. Overall popular trends include painting the house in a subtle solid color and using one or two brighter accent colors on shutters, window frames and doors.