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Not to mention it is so much easier to make and takes a lot less time. So I always make sure I have a good collection of strawberry freezer jam in our freezer as well. Easy no-cook low sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe. Now there are many kinds of strawberry freezer jam out there. Some use so much sugar that you lose the fresh strawberry flavor.


This strawberry freezer jelly is quick, easy and delicious on toast, ice cream or even in milkshakes! Keep jars of this in the freezer and take them out when you are ready to use them. Once thawed, they will last approximately 1 month in the refrigerator. If it lasts that long!


This is the best recipe for Strawberry Freezer Jam, and it is foolproof if u use FRESH strawberries. They CANNOT be refrigerate first. Come strawberry season this year, I plan to make me a couple batches. My son has about wiped out my supply in the freeaer.


Not only are you saving money because you won't have to buy jam for months on end now because of the supply you can keep in the freezer, it's healthier for you, and now you always have the perfect gift to give to your friends. For as long as I can remember I have been making homemade freezer jam with my mom and my great aunt.


I can confidently say this Strawberry Freezer Jam is the best and easiest you’ll ever make! It’s perfectly sweet, made in about 30-minutes, lasts in the freezer for up to 1 year!


My kids LOVE this easy recipe for freezer strawberry jam. It has no pectin, no sugar and it’s great for beginners. We tried others, but this is the best! I’m starting to think you need a certain gene in your DNA to make strawberry jam, and that I don’t have that gene. Every attempt I’ve made ...


Freezer jam is the very best because the berries are not cooked. It tastes like fresh fruit. Strawberry jam in my husbands favorite.


I never thought I was a make-it-yourself jam kind of girl. It just looked like way too much work and I can buy a jar of perfectly good jam for about $3. However, a friend turned me onto a Strawberry Freezer Jam recipe that is the BEST jam I’ve ever had, and now my family will eat nothing else ...


Now, I can’t promise your kids won’t ever leave the door of the freezer open a crack after snagging an otter pop, unintentionally letting every little bit of food in the freezer, including stores of precious strawberry freezer jam, thaw and drip and spoil over the course of a week.


Freezer jam is so easy to make that I can literally hand over the recipe to our daughters to make on their own. I’m usually in the kitchen, working right alongside them, but they really don’t need me there. I am going to share how to make two of my family’s favorite freezer jams: Strawberry Freezer Jam and Red Raspberry Freezer Jam.