It is not possible to clean between the glass of a double-paned window without professional help. If condensation builds up between the two panes of glass, it means the seal is broken somewhere on the window and must be ... More »

There are three different options for installing new glass depending on the window: gasket seal, adhesive tape seal and caulk seal. Before planning the glass installation, order the replacement glass from a specialist, w... More »

Double-hung window panes can be removed by sliding the tilt latches towards the center of the pane, pulling the window pane out 90 degrees and raising up one side vertically to free the pivot pins. The process is repeate... More »

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Condensation and frost on the inside of windows occur when warm, humid air inside comes in contact with a pane of glass chilled by the outside air, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors. This reduces the t... More »

Clean windows by clearing off cobwebs and dust, spraying with glass cleaner and wiping until dry with paper towels. Use a toothbrush or small, soft scrub brush to touch up the corners if the windows are very dirty. More » Home & Garden Cleaning