Unusual dog tricks include picking up laundry scattered on the floor and sorting items for recycling. However, many dogs do not like to have aluminum cans in their mouths. More »

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The key to teaching a bearded dragon tricks is repetition. Performing an action repeatedly and offering a treat at the end of training is the best way to teach a bearded dragon tricks. More »

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Once a dog has mastered the basics, it can move on to more advanced tricks, such as agility training for competitive sport, mastering household chores and balancing treats on its nose. Agility training includes teaching ... More »

Dogs can be taught how to pick up laundry, retrieve drinks from the fridge and how to dance. Once dogs learn how to follow basic commands, teaching tricks to a dog becomes easier. More »

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Some dog tricks include teaching a dog to separate recycling, involving a dog in a game of basketball or volleyball, training a dog to water ski or showing a dog how to fetch items from a refrigerator, according to Alexa... More »

Teaching a dog to take a bow is an impressive finishing trick to follow up other tricks. The back-up trick teaches a dog not to rush outside and is useful when wanting to impress someone. More »

Unique dog tricks include skateboarding, saluting, opening and closing doors, walking backwards, acting bashful, crawling, speaking words or short phrases, sneezing, pottying on command, playing basketball and dancing, a... More »