The best breed of dog to own is a mutt, according to Business Insider. Mutts combine the best qualities of all the breeds in their lineage and are often the best behaved and most lovable pets to own. More »

Although the best breed for an individual family may vary, Labradors and golden retrievers are excellent choices for families with young children. For quieter families with a lower energy level, English bulldogs may be a... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Speaking with a local shelter or a local dog breeder is a great way to decide what breed of dog is the best. When picking a dog breed, evaluating the needs of the family is essential. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Benji is a mixed breed dog, also known as a mutt. Four dogs have played the roleof Benji, the most recent of which is a female mixed breed. According to Benji's creator, Joe Camp, the current Benji displays characteristi... More »

Since he does not resemble any specific breed of dog, Goofy is most likely a mixed breed or a mutt. In Disney cartoons, Goofy appears as a tall, anthropomorphic dog with black fur, an off-white face and white gloves simi... More »

Although it depends on the specific dog, female dogs are usually the most fertile around the 11th day of estrus, and typically cycle twice a year, but exact times vary by breed and location. Male dogs are fertile all the... More »

Dog Food Advisor explains that dog food without corn as one of its first ingredients is ideal for any breed, especially active larger breeds like pit bulls. An ideal food for a pit bull has plenty of nutrients without us... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs