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Arthritis, chondromalacia and cruciate ligament injuries form some of the most common types of knee problems, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. The knee consists of several structures involved in stability and motion. These include bones, muscles


Knee replacement surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon. An orthopedic surgeon is an expert in the treatment of problems related to the musculoskeletal system, according to Remedy's Health Communities.


The leg raise, hamstring stretch, one-leg dip, half-squat and leg stretch are some of the most effective and easy-to-do workouts for knee pain, particularly pain due to arthritis, according to Healthline. The calf stretch, quad set, seated hip march, pillow squeeze, heel raise, side leg raise, one l


The two main types of doctors that treat knee tendonitis are rheumatologists and orthopaedic surgeons, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. A physiatrist may also be recommended for assisting with rehabilitation and restoring optimal usage to people


Problems that can occur after knee surgery include blood clots in the leg vein that can travel to the lungs, according to Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Infection is also a complication of knee surgery.


A visit to a doctor is necessary when swelling of the knee is significant and accompanied by a high level of discomfort, or when there is redness, fever, warmth or tenderness near the joint, notes Mayo Clinic. If increased pain hinders normal activity or sleep, medical attention is needed.


According to research studies, flat shoes with flexibility are the best choice for people suffering from knee problems. Flexible shoes such as flip flops, flat flexible walking shoes or sneakers are much easier on the knee joint than other types of shoes.


There is more than one type of doctor that treats pain in the leg or knee area including an orthopedist, an internist, a rheumatologist or a pain management specialist, notes HealthPages. Knee pain that must be treated with surgery requires an orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement or knee arthrosc


As of 2015, the top-rated kneeling pad is the Proflex 380 and the top-rated knee pad is the KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III, according to users reviews on Amazon.com. Reviews for each of the products include customers who use the pads for work.


Expect some swelling after a knee replacement because it is part of the body's healing process, says Healthline. The swelling and inflammation typically last two to three weeks, but in some cases may continue for several months. Expect bruising that may cause additional tenderness as well. Consult a