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The best colors for a birdhouse depend on the house type and where it will be situated. In general, natural camouflaged colors such as gray, dull green, brown, or tan help the house blend into its environment and keep nesting birds safe from predators.If the house will be mounted in a colorful flower garden, choose more colorful paints that coordinate with nearby floral hues.


Bluebirds are one of the more popular birds for birdwatching. While many people know how to build bird houses for bluebirds, not many understand the preferred colors to use for bluebird houses.


Different birds are attracted to different colors. Individual bird species may see the “best” colors as indicating a food source. Other birds may be more attracted to the colors of their own plumage as those could indicate a potential mate or another bird that is surviving well.


Because you’ll want to clean out your bird house each year, it’s advisable to set a door on it. Either way, these bird houses act as an organic approach to bring birds to your yard. Building wooden bird houses is a superb approach to pull a number of birds to your property, and it could also be an enjoyable weekend project.


Most birds love different bright and attractive colors-so the more variety you have in your garden, the greater your winged visitor would be. Then there is the color of bird feeders and bird houses. If you want more birds to come to these, then you will naturally want to paint them with colors which birds love.


Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Give birds the coolest house on the block by painting their houses to look like yours. Use the same or similar color for the house and roof plus paint for any ...


Each bird house is fully functional and guaranteed to attract birds such as finches, titmice, wrens and nuthatches. Give your birds an ideal birdhouse and admire the construction and design. Bird lovers can't help but want the best for their birds, and it is evident through our painted bird houses just how treasured bird visitors are.


While spring is the best season to install a bluebird house, you can do it any time. When shopping it's important to buy an actual house made for bluebirds and not a decorative bird house. The house has to be built just right in order to attract bluebirds and keep them safely, while deterring other competing birds.


This approach gives the best chance for attracting the most tenants during the nesting season. It is also a good idea to face the house away from the prevailing winds, and near a tree or bush. The adult birds will often use a branch as a handy perch to watch for danger and to make sure that it is safe to fly into the house or feed the young.


What Kind of Paint for a Birdhouse?. Homemade birdhouses can provide wild birds with a safe place to build nests and raise their young, and building birdhouses can be an enjoyable craft. When painting a completed birdhouse you must be careful what type of paint you use. Lead paint can be toxic to birds, and no paint should be used on the inside of...