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To make a bird house, cut the pieces, make the roof, and glue the pieces together. You need bar clamps, waterproof wood glue, a 1-inch hole saw, an 8-foot 1-by-8-inch cedar board, 1 1/4-inch galvanized screws, 1/2-inch galvanized pipe, 1/2-inch galvanized flange and a s...


In a British study using different colored bird feeders, birds were most attracted to silver, blue and green. However, such preferences varied according to species, with goldfinches preferring green.


Birds are not color blind. These animals actually have more advanced color vision than human beings. Birds have photo pigments with sensitivities at four or five peak wavelengths, making them either tetrachromats or pentachromats.


A superstition holds that a bird flying into a house means a death is likely to happen soon. Some people believe this superstition only applies to birds that have black coloring although robins, sparrows and red birds are mentioned in other cultures.


Birds are attracted to bright colors. In particular, females are attracted to males with high coloration. This attraction is one of the primary reasons why males birds are so much more colorful than females. Birds also scan for color to find food.


BirdsAndBlooms.com offers a free plan for building a simple birdhouse. The easy plan requires one 5-foot length of 1-inch by 6-inch pine board, galvanized deck screws, 2-inch galvanized finishing nails, a hand saw, and a power drill with a spade bit.


A house color visualizer is a digital painting tool that homeowners can use to sample different colors for the interior and exterior of their homes. Many companies that sell paint, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, offer these free online tools, but registrat...