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To make a bird house, cut boards to size, create the roof, then assemble the pieces. You need a 1-by-8-inch cedar board that is 8 feet, a 1-inch hole saw, 1/2-inch galvanized pipe, 1/2-inch galvanized flange, 1-1/4-inch galvanized screws, short screws and waterproof woo...


To build a birdhouse, construct a small A-frame house with a 1-inch hole on the front side. Use a fragrant wood, such as cedar, to attract birds. You need a large piece of wood, a tape measure, a small drill, short screws, glue, a galvanized pipe flange and a flat surfa...


The easy one-board birdhouse design from Lowe's and the seven-step birdhouse from Popular Mechanics are two good birdhouse designs. The Lowe's birdhouse is made from a single pine board for easy construction, while the Popular Mechanics design allows you to build two bi...


Use a gourds to make a simple birdhouse that lasts for approximately two years. The type of bird that nests in the finished gourd birdhouse depends on the size of the gourd and entry hole. Coffee cans are also suitable for making very simple birdhouses. Make coffee cans...


As of 2015, some free birdhouse designs include the basic birdhouse design that Birdwatching Bliss offers and the Carolina Wren nest box plan from 50birds. Both of these designs are available online.


The one-board DIY birdhouse is a basic plan for housing several bird species. More elaborate free birdhouse plans include the backyard birdhouse, wren house, barn owl nestbox and bird's nesting box.


An easy method for building a birdhouse can be found on Popular Mechanics. This project is suitable for builders as young as 12 with adult supervision.