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Some types of designer backpacks are the Marc by Marc Jacobs Domo Arigato Packrat Color Block Backpack, the MZ Wallace Jewel Print Metro Backpack and the Rebecca Minkoff Star Perforated Backpack. The Salvatore Ferragamo Small Giuliette Backpack and the Burberry London Nylon Marden Backpack are two o


Backpacks should only be washed once or twice a year. To wash a backpack, you will need the backpack itself, a washing machine, detergent, warm water, a container, an old toothbrush, an old pillowcase and an old towel. This process should take several hours.


The modern backpack was invented by Dick Kelty in 1952. Kelty, who was an avid hiker, came up with the design as a more efficient and comfortable alternative to the military gear that was generally used for hiking at the time.


The weight of a child’s backpack should not exceed 10 to 15 percent of the child’s body weight. This recommended range assumes the child uses both arm straps and is using the backpack correctly.


To make a turtle backpack, select a pillow-belly stuffed turtle such as Mr. Shigglesworth, measure and cut straps, remove the pillow stuffing, and attach the straps to the shell of the turtle. If desired, add embroidery for personalization. Making a turtle backpack takes roughly an hour and requires


A study conducted by University of California researchers in Riverside found that two of every five children who wear backpacks report pain as a result of slinging the bag over one or both shoulders, explains WebMD. The study surveyed approximately 3,500 middle school students, with 90 percent of th


To clean your hiking backpack, remove any detachable pockets, vacuum out the bag, and wipe it down with a sponge and a mild detergent that is free of dyes and chemicals. Rinse the bag with a hose, or dip it in a tub of cold water.


Matching the backpack to the activity is critical when choosing a small, lightweight backpack, according to REI. A small, lightweight backpack best fits activities such as day hikes, ski touring and trail running. It also works well for school and commuting. Other considerations include capacity, sh


Unique single-strap backpack designs include compartmentalized bags by Maxpedition, convertible bags by Oakley and sleek, box-shaped designs by Incase and Booq. Maxpedition bags depart from the ubiquitous teardrop sling design by arranging compartments in a series of small pockets that keep items or


Specific instructions on how to wash an L.L. Bean backpack are not provided on the L.L. Bean website, but these backpacks can be washed using general backpack washing instructions. Most instructions recommend using a mild detergent and cool water to safely and effectively wash a backpack.