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Cold weather reduces the electrical charge in a battery but increases the amount of electrical draw needed to start a vehicle, which makes the amount of cold cranking amps available critical for starting a car. Different vehicles have varying requirements for cold crank...


The number of cold cranking amps a car battery should have is different for every car. It depends on both the vehicle itself and the temperature where the driver lives.


Cold cranking amps or CCA is the maximum amount of amps that a battery can provide for 30 seconds at zero F. Two of the most important things to consider when choosing the right battery are cold cranking amps and reserve capacity, according to CarsDirect.


Homeowners can install a crank-out window with a hammer, nails, putty knife, pry bar, nail puller, saw, caulk, metal tape, insulation, wood trim, shims and aluminum tape. Installing a crank window is much the same as installing any other type of window and involves remo...


A crank sensor is an electronic device on most automobiles that detects engine speed by monitoring the rotation of the crankshaft. Most newer vehicles us a crank sensor in conjunction with camshaft position sensor to provide data that the automobile's computer uses to c...


To replace a damaged crank on a manual window, the unit must be dismounted from its location and replaced with a new component. Damaged crank levers often cause the window to seem jammed; however, its malfunction is usually due to lack of lubrication from the lever to t...


Amsco, a maintenance supply company, sells replacement window cranks at AmscoUSA.com. It is also possible to buy cranks at Amazon.com or eBay.com.