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Tips for Cleaning a Brick Patio. Fortunately, cleaning brick is no more difficult than cleaning most other materials. If you have a brick patio it's a good idea to have it coated with masonry sealer to make cleaning easier. Brick patios that have not been sealed will require more time and effort to clean.


To clean a brick patio, start by mixing warm water, dish soap, and salt in a small bucket. Then, rub the mixture into the bricks using a cloth or rag, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Next, scrub the bricks with a stiff-bristled brush, and then rinse them off with clean water. Finally, let the bricks air dry.


Homemade Brick Cleaning Solution. There are many places around the home where brick can be located, a patio, a walkway, an outdoor barbecue, the brick around the fireplace, etc. Maybe it’s getting close to the Christmas holiday and you want to clean the brick surrounding the fireplace of dirt and soot before Santa comes?


A: Roger Cook replies: Power washing is usually enough to remove moss (probably your green stains) as well as mildew stains (usually black) from brick and other patio surfaces. You'll get better results when the moss is actively growing, but you should be able to remove the stains even in cold weather.


Start by choosing the proper pressure and nozzle tip. To help you setup your pressure washer correctly, check out these tips and tricks.A pressure washer with about 3 gpm and 3000 psi is ideal for most concrete and brick cleaning jobs.


Spray the brick with fresh water as you clean it with the bleach solution so the brick doesn't dry out completely. Dry brick may absorb the bleach solution, which can lighten the color of some bricks.


If you neglected cleaning your concrete patio for some time, use a detergent such as Dawn or Ajax dishwashing liquid mixed with water to help brighten the surface. If your patio is heavily discolored, you should call in a professional. They will apply a solution of muriatic acid on the patio to bring it back to life.


Patios take a beating over the years. You keep the floors of you house clean, so keep your patio clean as well. Spring is a good time to clean so you’re ready for peak patio season. Here’s how to clean a cement patio. Move plants, furniture and other accessories off the patio. Sweep the surface ...