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Top 10 Best Chinchilla Food. Now that we’ve mentioned the types of food that can be used as your pet’s staple, we’ll now move on to the best chinchilla foods that you can find in the market. But before that here’s something that you need to consider. Chinchillas have originated from a mountain area and have adapted to eating dry food.


Naturally, chinchillas are adapted to eating vegetation high in roughage and not fat diets food. The four best foods for your chinchillas’ on our list are rich in high fiber and have plenty of roughage to help keep your chins teeth in good condition and ensure that their digestive system is functioning well.


#1.Oxbow chinchilla Deluxe – chinchilla food. Oxbow chinchilla Deluxe is the best chinchilla food on the market. We highly recommend this to you because it offers a healthy diet for chinchillas at a pocket-friendly price.This product is a complete and balanced diet for chinchillas of all ages.


What's the Best Chinchilla Food? Chinchilla food has become more refined over the past ten years. Many large ranchers still stick to their original formulas, but smaller breeders and pet owners have become more selective as more choices have become available.


Kaytee Timothy Chinchilla Food. A well-known veteran in the pet food industry, Kaytee Timothy Chinchilla Food is one of the best brands that have a timothy hay-based formula. On top of its nutritional value, timothy hay is also great for keeping chinchilla teeth sharp and healthy.


A small food hopper or heavy ceramic dish is the best way to keep the food from getting dumped or soiled. Chinchilla Hay Even when you choose a high fiber pelleted diet, it must still be supplemented with hay to ensure your chinchilla gets plenty of roughage (fiber).


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Here's our guide to the ten most essential chinchilla items including the best cages, food and accessories to help prepare you for bringing your furball home.


Is it okay to switch chinchillas’ food? It’s necessary to change the food you feed on your chins regularly to ensure that they get different food items in their diet for the overall health. However there some food items that you should avoid when it comes to chinchillas since they are sensitive pets.


Chinchilla Foods to Avoid Supplements. If your chinchilla is healthy and eating a balanced diet, they shouldn’t need supplements. The exception is made for pregnant chinchillas and during times of stress or illness. If this applies to your chinchilla, you can supplement their diet using probiotic powder, multivitamin and mineral mixes ...