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Time's Money site suggests that Cricket Basic is a top phone package for the typical individual user, with the Cricket Basic With Group Save Discount being best for families. Time rates the Verizon More Everything 6GB With Verizon Edge as the best plan for heavy users, with the AT&T Mobile Share Val


As of 2015, some of the latest cell phones include the Samsung Note 5 and S6, the iPhone 6, the OnePlus X and the Microsoft Lumia 950. The Note 5, S6 and OnePlus X all run Android, while the iPhone runs iOS and the Lumia 950 runs Windows Phone.


You can see infrared light and detect health problems through the digital camera on an Android phone and set up voicemail for contacts you do not want to talk to without manually screening every call. You can politely ignore calls when you are busy without people thinking you are rude by sending a c


Cell phones are basically combined radio transmitters and receivers that connect to a network of radio masts, which relay the signal between phones. Modern phones also contain small computers, allowing the phone to run software and store information, such as contact information and sound files.


The top cell phone company according to customer reviews is Verizon Wireless. It has received positive reviews on voice, data service and texting service. Verizon's close competitor is T-Mobile, which seems to be rising with each passing year. Other popular services include AT&T, Sprint, Ting, Consu


As of April 2015, some of the best-selling cell phones are the Apple iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Note 4. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also one of the most highly rated, having received an editor's rating of 4.5 according to CNET. It also received a 9.0 score overall for bat


Best Buy sells a variety of AT&T cell phones, including the iPhone 6. Other AT&T cell phone brands that Best Buy carries are Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, as of 2015.


As of 2015, the Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge, the Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE and the LG G3 are among available cellphones that come in white. The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have silver and gold options that both have white trim around the screens and the metallic cases.


A family plan for cell phones is a service plan for multiple phones at a reduced rate compared to having individual plans for each line. Depending on the carrier, family plans offer different perks, such as shared and roll over data, minutes and text messages.


Cell phone call history is the record of incoming and outgoing calls made on a mobile phone or a smartphone device. Typically, cell phone call histories can be accessed through a menu on the device.