Generic bug sprays, as well as DEET, are common sprays used to keep gnats away. However, there are less harmful alternatives available for those not wishing to use harsh chemicals. More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

Some bug spray products that kill fruit flies include pyrethrin space sprays, insect growth regulator sprays and automatic aerosol dispensers, such as On Time Metered Aerosol. Insect growth regulators, such as Tekko Pro ... More »

DEET, the active ingredient in bug sprays, does not lose effectiveness. Bug sprays have no expiration date, but they do have a shelf life of three years. A product's shelf life is typically a period of time in which the ... More »

You can bug bomb spiders, but the ingredients used in these products work as repellents for spiders, causing them to move to deeper hiding places to avoid the spray, so they normally do not die. The active ingredient in ... More »

Homemade bug spray often includes essential oils such as lavender or peppermint, vegetable oil and aloe vera gel. Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and apply to different areas on the skin or apply directly to clothi... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

Gnats are small flying insects that are black in color. They have elongated abdomens, transparent wings and long, thin legs. The wing are typically veined but invisible to the human eye. Gnats appear to be almost perfect... More »

The best way to kill gnats is to wipe them out in their larval stages by allowing wet soil in house plants and other locations to dry completely. Adult gnats around plants or other areas can be removed using the hose att... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects