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When writing a personal essay, such as for a college or scholarship application, be sure to cover personal thoughts that have no home on the actual application. Through the personal essay, admissions officers get to see how you perform when given time to work on a project.


Pre-writing work, such as brainstorming, composing a strong thesis statement and creating an organized outline, is an important element of writing a good comparison essay. A comparison essay discusses either the similarities or the similarities and differences between two items.


There is no single correct way to go about writing a "who am I" essay. One easy way to write a "who am I" essay is to pick three characteristics about yourself and use those for the basis of the paper. Using three characteristics fits perfectly into a basic five-paragraph format with an introduction


Informative essays must be written in an informative style with each paragraph focusing on a sub-topic, using a strong vocabulary and a formal tone. Informative essays are typically written about oneself, a historical event or a particular topic, such as "Eating Healthy" or "Losing Weight through We


Writing a process analysis, or how-to essay, requires a thesis explaining the importance of the process, a sequenced guide to the process with detailed explanations of each step's requirements and any potential pitfalls or consequences for leaving out a step. Readers need to be able to follow how-to


To write an example essay, follow the guidelines pertaining to regular essay writing. Decide on a general topic for the example essay, and proceed to researching, formulating a draft and writing in detail. Ensure thorough proofreading and formatting.


Essay-writing services online include ninjaessays.com, essayzwriting.com and essaytigers.com. Though these services are available, many schools and universities consider the use of essay-writing services as a form of cheating.


A college essay should be concise, thoughtful, specific, polished and honest, and should reflect the character, aspirations and experiences of the writer. The first question in determining a topic should be "What does this essay show the school about me?" Then, the student can work towards supportin


To write a college essay, come up with ideas based on the topic given that also reflect aspects of your life and personality. Make the essay unique yet relatable for the authorities who will review it. Make sure to get your work reviewed by at least one other person before submitting it to prevent e


You can write an essay on what you would do if you were president using the five-paragraph essay structure, which is suitable for many topics.