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As of 2015, the best-rated pillows are the Premier Down-Like Personal Choice Density, Beans72 and Simmons Beautyrest, according to The Sweethome. Reviewers at Sleep Like The Dead give the pillows an 87 percent, 83 percent and 80 percent owner satisfaction, respectively, and customer reviews on Amazo


Two highly rated space-saving beds that Wayfair offers are the bookcase daybed with storage and trundle, and the Urban Lifestyle Orlando panel bed with twin trundle. Other highly rated space-saving beds available on Amazon.com are the iBed in a box hideaway bed and a fold down bed mechanism.


According to BestReviews.com, the most highly rated bed sheet brands are Pinzon, Elegant Comfort, Divatex Home Fashions, MALOUF and Utopia. Other highly rated brands are Royal Velvet, Bed Bath & Beyond's Palais Royale and Target's Fieldcrest sheets.


The best treatment for bed sores involve removing pressure on the affected area, cleaning and dressing the wounds, and removing damaged and dead tissue, explains Mayo Clinic. Management of incontinence, ensuring adequate nutrition, utilizing antibiotics when necessary, and ensuring adequate pain rel


Serta is the best-rated manufacturer of mattresses, including king size beds, according to Consumer Reports. As of 2014, Serta's Perfect Sleeper has been a Consumer Digest Best Buy for 14 years and is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation.


Highly rated bed sheets, according to The SweetHome, are the Pima Cotton Percale Sheets, the Royal Velvet WrinkleGuard Sheet Set and the Hemstich 400-thread-count Sateen Cotton Sheet Set. Each set is available from different retailers. Features such as sweat wicking, heat retention and durability im


The best way to kill bed bugs is to use an integrated pest management approach. First, collect all the infected items, bag them and launder at 122 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Thoroughly steam all the infected areas in the house, paying most attention to corners and seams, then vacuum the house, an


Bed bug powder is one of the most commonly used and effective products to kill bed bugs, such as the JT Eaton Bedbug and Crawling Insect Powder. Powders generally contain diatomaceous earth, which is applied to areas where bed bugs are known to hide, such as crevices and wall cracks.


As of 2015, the best rated dryer is the Samsung DV457, according to Top Ten Reviews. This dryer combines innovative technology, useful features, energy efficiency and quality design. The Samsung DV457 has Energy Star certification and technology that allows users to connect a smartphone to diagnose


The best way to lie in a tanning bad is on one's back, with the canopy closed, and the face positioned directly beneath the bulbs. Periodic repositioning helps ensure an even tan.