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No baby formula is better than another, because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration mandates that the nutritional content of all formulas contain a set minimum amount of nutrients and cannot exceed the established maximum. Some brands may vary their recipe, but the nutritional content is the same.


Gerber Good Start 2 Gentle Plus, Similac Organic and Earth's Best Organic are good baby formulas, according to GoodGuide. Other highly rated formulas include O Organics Organic Milk-Based formula and Mom to Mom Milk-Based Formula 2 With Iron.


Some ways to get free baby formula include registering online with companies that sell formula, contacting a local food bank, applying for Women, Infants and Children benefits, and calling local hospitals for resources. Only low-income mothers are eligible for WIC benefits, but everyone is eligible


The shelf life of a can of formula varies depending on the brand, nutrient level and whether or not the can is open. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires all infant formula manufacturers to include a “use-by” date stamp on every can.


Store brand and name brand formulas must meet the same FDA requirements for nutritional standards. However, generic brands may not have been subject to as much research as brand-name formulas. Parents who do opt to buy brand-name formula should consider a 2015 study done by U.S. News and Pharmacy Ti


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Some good baby formulas for infants include Gerber Good Start 2, Similac organic powder and O for Organics milk-based formula, according to GoodGuide.com. These formulas are among the highest rated by the company based on their nutrition scores, environmental impact and social policies.


Most doctors recommend an iron-fortified formula with a cow's milk base. If the baby is allergic to cow's milk, a doctor may recommend soy-based formula.


Make your own baby formula by combining milk, whey and a few more ingredients into a blender and simmering in a pan for a few minutes. You will need a pan, water, a stove, a microwave-safe dish, a blender, sterilized glass bottles and nipples, milk, liquid whey, lactose, cream, flax oil, sunflower o


Parents can use a formula feeding chart as a guide to ensure that their children are getting the nutrients required for proper growth. A feeding chart also is beneficial to make sure that a baby eats enough throughout a 24-hour period. For the first few weeks after birth, an infant may have two to t