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An attic ventilation baffle is a type of ventilation system that helps introduce air from outside the home into the attic to create air circulation. The baffle acts as a channel that aids in the ordered circulation of air in an attic space and is generally made using po...


To install attic rafter vents and baffles, first calculate how many rafter vents you need, and make a cardboard template of the soffit vents to cut them equally. After drilling holes and cutting according to the template, slide the soffit vents into the openings, and en...


Roof baffles are a type of ventilation method installed in attics. The baffles create airflow to allow the attic to breathe properly and keep moisture and heat from causing mold or wood rot problems.


A baffle plate is a metal plate that sits over the firebox. The baffle plate blocks off the chimney and forces hot gases to remain in the stove for a longer period. This increases the efficiency and heat output of the stove.


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To build a squirrel baffle, perforate a stovepipe cap, insert a stovepipe, screw it in place, slip a pole inside the baffle, attach a clamp, and rest the baffle on it. This one-hour project requires a stovepipe, a pipe cap, a hose clamp, screws, a screwdriver, a drill a...


Under the right conditions, an attic fan offers effective attic ventilation during hot summer months and a longer life for roof shingles. However, proper organic attic ventilation is often a preferred alternative and may offer a more cost-effective ventilation solution.