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To install artificial grass, cover the land with 1 1/2 inches of sand and a weed membrane, lay the grass on top, glue adjacent strips together, trim them, and insert ground pins. This two-day project requires sand, a tamper, a weed membrane, adhesive, a hammer, a knife and ground pins.


Some highly rated artificial grasses include SYNrye 211 and SYNLawn 958 available online from SYNLawn.com and residential synthetic grass from Synthetic Grass Pros. The customer ratings and testimonials can be viewed on the company websites.


Veterinarians speculate that dogs eat grass for a variety of reasons, from attempting to quell nausea to reducing bloating. While dogs are unable to digest grass, the practice is largely harmless. It is relatively common for dogs to eat grass.


Grass eating commonly confuses dog owners, according to dog trainer Cesar Milan. Some experts think the behavior is a normal search for nutrients outside the dog's regular diet, while others believe it's due to boredom or to help heal an upset stomach.


The best way to water grass is to water infrequently and deeply two or three times each week during the morning hours when the sun and wind are less common. Home owners should water the lawn evenly and with sprinklers that equally distribute water to the entire lawn.


Artificial fertilizers are man-made chemical compounds that mimic the soil's natural minerals and elements to maximize plant growth. They usually contain different ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other elements.


The best time of year to plant grass depends on the type of grass being planted and the region where the grass is being planted. The two types of grass to take into consideration are cool season grass and warm season grass.


Neutralize dog urine on grass by diluting the nitrogen in the urine with water. This can be accomplished by watering the grass after the dog urinates or by increasing the amount of water the dog drinks to dilute the urine before it is eliminated from the body.


The best time to cut grass is in the evening when the sun is at its lowest point. Avoid cutting grass during the afternoon when the sun is harsh. Be sure the grass is completely dry before mowing.


The best way to kill grass without chemicals or machinery is to cover the area with layers of newspapers, according to About.com. The newspapers break down after several months, mixing in with the ground.