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Top 10 Relaxers for African American Women. VS+. Hair Products, Relaxed Hair, The Latest. 12. First things first, let’s discuss what a relaxer is. Relaxing, or lanthionization is the process by which the hair’s curl pattern is chemically relaxed. The relaxing agent is usually a strong alkali, or ammonium thiogylcolate (lye or perm salt ...


Dark and Lovely by Softsheen Carson is probably the most “famous” and best relaxer for black hair out there, today. Over and over again, it’s been proven to be one of the best and is renowned for its multi-step process that makes sure hair is protected and comes out looking healthy, silky, and straight.


We all have different hair. Here are good relaxers for black women. Click here: http://bestandsmartchoice.com/best-relaxers-for-african-american-hair/


Relaxers for Black Hair: Affirm. Affirm by Avalon is a popular cream relaxer for black hair that is applied by hair stylists in beauty salons.It is not a box relaxer, and it is not normally sold in stores to people who are not professionals.


So what is the best relaxer for African American hair and why? Well this answer is extremely complicated ladies. There is not a runaway WINNER in brands that relax hair follicles of black women.


Learn how to choose the best relaxer strength for your specific hair type and texture to avoid breakage. ... How To Choose The Right Relaxer For Your Hair Type. If you are like me, you chemically relax your strands. In doing so, you want to make sure you have the best relaxer for your hair. ... texturizing and texlaxing Black hair;


Hairepair by organic root stimulator is the best relaxer I've ever tried especially for retouching hair. Its leaves hair silky smooth and the process to relax hair is stress free and easy. This is a must for everyone that relaxes their hair!!! ... Use arrows to rank one item in Relaxers for African American Women vs another.


Avlon, which makes a traditional Affirm Relaxer, developed a product called Affirm Fiberguard, a perfect option for delicate or damaged hair. There are conditioning and protective steps incorporated into the treatment, making it easier on the hair cuticle and shaft. Not only that, but the relaxer is designed to retain more moisture and offer ...


This French product is the winner of Essence magazine's 2012 Reader's Choice award, and a top pick for Black Beauty & Hair. PHYTO SPECIFIC relaxer is a no-lye straightener that includes conditioning agents derived from eggs, soybeans, and shiitake mushrooms. It comes in two strengths: Index 1 for damaged hair and Index 2 for normal hair.


At the core, perm hairstyles help create more defined locks, and this doesn’t always mean coiled curls. You can have a perfectly permed style with just the ends of your hair curled. For black hair with subtle highlights, this style is a beautiful way to show off the dimension of your color.