Snow chains are not necessary for cars that come equipped with traction aids such as four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive vehicles are able to navigate snowy weather. More » Science Weather & Tides Snow

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Some 2016 Audi vehicles with standard 4-wheel drive are the S3, the Allroad, the TT and the SQ5. Other four-wheel-drive Audis include the S8 and the R8. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Snow appears to burn because of the chemical properties of water and the physical makeup of snow. Snow is loosely packed and contains more air than water, which creates a cushion that slows down the rate at which the icy... More »

Snow flurries refers to light snowfall with no accumulation on the ground, and snow showers is the term used to describe light to moderate snowfall where a small amount of accumulation is possible. A snow shower starts a... More »

Cars that are good for driving in the snow often have front- or all-wheel drive to maintain proper traction in snowy conditions, and they have at least 8 inches of ground clearance. Motorists should bear in mind that veh... More » Vehicles

Tire chains, which are used for driving in snow, are links of heavy steel, while tire cables, designed for the same purpose, use steel aircraft cable inside alloy traction coils. Cables are lighter, easier to install and... More »